Search Engine Marketing Tips — Focus on Relevance

Search Engine Marketing Tips — Focus on Relevance

One of the most difficult aspects of search engine marketing is converting visitors into active, paying customers. One way to increase the likelihood of a visitor becoming a customer is by making sure that your content, whether that be a blog post or a landing page, is relevant to what your visitor is expecting. This holds true for both organic search traffic and paid Google AdWords traffic, as further explained.

Wording is Key

When creating your PPC ad, remember that the wording of the ad is what someone who clicks on it will expect to see. The person clicking on the ad is interested in what the ad says, and if your actual content is a different topic, they will just leave the page. The key is to attract the right people. The same goes for the preview snippet in organic search results, which you can change by editing your post’s meta description.

Include a Relevant Image

People are very visual in nature. Including an image that is relevant to your PPC ad or meta description (which appears as a preview snippet in Google’s search results) will make your visitors even more interested in what you have to say. In effect, it enforces their belief that you are giving them what they have been searching for.

Put Important Information in Important Places

Don’t just make sure that your content is relevant to what your visitors have been searching for; make sure that they can see it. Include key information (such as keywords) in places that are seen right away, like in headings or at the beginning of paragraphs.

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