Want to Master PPC Advertising? Trouble Getting Started?

Want to Master PPC Advertising? Trouble Getting Started?

Marketing has changed thanks to the internet. It has become a lot more targeted, and of course your business will be impeded if your marketing plan is sub-optimal. Thanks to the internet, marketing to large swaths of people is now more possible than it ever was before. The book Digital Marketing opines:

Before the Web, marketing promotions pretty-much consisted of reaching as many people as possible with your message.  A percentage of these people would be interested in your product, and the more you reach, the more you sell.  Marketing campaigns were often large and expensive, but ended up generating enough sales to make them worth the costs.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads are a great alternative to a traditional marketing campaign. To be successful though, it is important to understand the terminology behind them.


Any eyeball that looks at your PPC campaign. This generally is how large banner ads are paid for and is only an estimate.


This is the way that most PPC campaigns work. You only pay for the people who click on your ad and see your website.


If someone looks at your ad or clicks on your ad, then actually buys your product, that is a transaction-conversion. Having this number in mind is vital, because some PPC campaigns can get expensive, and it is important not to overpay. As a matter of fact, some businesses use complex formulas and Microsoft Excel to determine how much they want to invest in PPC.

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