How the New Google Local Search Display Changed Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

How the New Google Local Search Display Changed Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Businesses have to adapt their internet marketing strategies to Google trends and updates. In this blog, we’ll talk about the new Google local search display and explain its impact on search engine marketing.

Most of Google’s updates deal with search ranking factors. If it announces that it’ll factor mobile-friendliness into its algorithm, then many businesses will get a mobile site solely for that reason.

This update didn’t change the search ranking factors in any capacity. Instead, it changed the appearance of local business information in the search engine results pages. One of the most important differences is that only three local business show up in the search results, as opposed to seven.

This puts small businesses in a difficult spot since showing up in the organic results is now much more competitive. According to a recent Search Engine Land article, a tangential outcome of this update is that paid advertisements will comparatively be a better investment for small businesses:

“With the reduction of local search results from seven to three, many companies will need to increase local ad spend to keep consistent traffic. This is especially true now that ads may be taking up increasing space above the fold (especially on mobile).”

This doesn’t mean that you should give up with your organic efforts, though. You should still practice digital directory management to make sure your local listings are accurate and updated at all times. This will help keep you to the top of the search results.

But organic search and paid advertisements aren’t mutually exclusive, and it seems like the latter is becoming a better investment for small businesses over time. If you notice a decrease in your organic traffic, then you can compensate for it by investing in paid ads on Google.

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