Why We’ll See a Major Return to Search Engine Optimization

Why We’ll See a Major Return to Search Engine Optimization

While it was once a cornerstone of online marketing, SEO has taken a hit in recent years. Marketers have moved on to other inbound marketing channels such as email and social media. In this blog, though, we’ll explain why see expect to see a major return to SEO in the upcoming year. 

The Infatuation with Social Media 

With channels like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, social media has moved to the center stage of online marketing. Businesses have made significant advancements through sharing original content and promoting their posts with paid ads. 

The Return to SEO

But there’s one problem with social media marketing — you don’t own the channel you’re investing so much time and money in. A follower visiting your profile isn’t the same as a lead visiting your website.

This, among other reasons, is why this Marketing Land article predicts SEO to rise in importance once again: 

“Many business owners have focused heavily on social media over the past few years and have seen success in building their brands and growing their audiences. However, with the changes we’re experiencing in social media reach, I predict a return to SEO. As people grow weary of putting so much effort into channels they don’t own, they’ll begin to reflect on their websites and blogs and put more focus on them.”

You own your website and the content you post to it. In addition, you can direct leads to your online shop or to your “Contact Us” page.

Revisit Your Strategy 

Take a look at your strategy and consider whether you’re favoring social media too much over SEO. If this is the case, then you might be able to make fast progress by investing more in SEO. Either way, reevaluate your goals and see which practice will help you reach them more. 

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