Local Search: Measuring Your Campaign’s Success

Local Search: Measuring Your Campaign’s Success

Some businesses measure their local search progress solely in terms of its ROI. This is fine, but in the context of online marketing, it’s not always easy to account for everything. For example, how exactly should you place weight on leads, social signals, and website traffic?

The best way to measure the success of your local search campaign is to compare your results with your prior standing. It’s not helpful to compare yourself to other businesses or solely look at the bottom line of your investment. What’s important is seeing how you progress in many aspects.

A recent Search Engine Land article explains how you can better measure your local search campaign. According to the article, you should constantly take count of your social media followers, domain authority, and site traffic to see if you’re making progress:

“Before doing anything, however, we should start by measuring the baseline. How many current Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Snapchat followers and so on do you currently have? How many links to how many domains do you currently have on your site? What is your current domain authority? From there, we can get a sense of the type of response we can expect, reachable milestones and future goals.”

This is particularly critical at the onset of your marketing campaign. In three months, you might not see a large increase in sales, but you might notice a big jump in email subscribers, your site ranking, and the number of likes and shares your get on Facebook and Twitter.

At the end of the day, there’s no one metric you can look at to determine the impact of your local search campaign. We recommend taking a holistic approach not just in your marketing efforts, but in the way you evaluate them as well.

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