Information Architecture: How to Organize Your Content to Get a Better Site Ranking

Information Architecture: How to Organize Your Content to Get a Better Site Ranking

Information architecture is now one of the most important components of search engine optimization. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you should organize different types of content to get the best possible site ranking on Google.

Broad and narrow content

There are two types of content in regard to its scope: broad and narrow. Broad content refers to more general topics while narrow content is made up of niches.

This distinction is important for your site’s information architecture. For best SEO practices, you should first start with your broad content and then add links to your more narrow content.

This isn’t just for Google, but for your users as well. It makes sense to bring in a general audience with your broad content and then let them navigate your narrow content based on their preferences.

Evergreen and fresh content

It’s clear why businesses need to add both evergreen and fresh content to their sites. The only question is how they should organize them:

According to MOZ, businesses should add links to evergreen content in their current articles and blogs:

“Certainly if you’re posting fresh content that gets into Google news, the blog or the news section can be an opportunity to get in Google news. The old one can be an opportunity to just stay in the search results for a long time period. Getting links to one doesn’t actually dilute your ranking ability for the other because of how Google is doing much more topic focused associations around entire websites.”

You might have heard that if you do this, you’ll compete against your own links. This isn’t the case with Google’s current search algorithm. If you link to your evergreen content in your fresh content, you’ll send a positive indicator to Google’s bot.

Creating content isn’t enough for good SEO. You also need to know how to organize it. To talk more about information architecture, or anything else, contact us today.