Inbound Marketing: Links to Success

Inbound Marketing: Links to Success

Have you ever wondered about your inbound marketing strategy? Inbound marketing mistakes are made by companies all over the world. The biggest inbound marketing failure is generating sub-optimal content that does not provide value. However, beyond that, there are smaller, perhaps more technical mistakes, that companies make all the time. Luckily, there is a website called that will evaluate your website and tell you how you can improve. Here are two mistakes that Woorank may correct.

A Lack of In-Page Links

Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia is always at the top of the search engine rankings? They do a lot of things correctly, but search engine optimization experts concur they are the masters of in-page links. Have you ever noticed that one Wikipedia article links to scores of Wikipedia other articles? Spiders love this because it makes it easier to index the site. Also, in-page links are great because they lower your bounce rate by making people stay on your website longer. Every page on your website should be linked to from another page.

Broken Links

Even just having one broken link can reflect negatively on your website. Not only does it frustrate your users, but it also stops Spiders from properly indexing your site. Google uses broken links as a factor in their algorithm, and having a broken link will push your website down in organic search. Make sure that you never let a broken link remain indefinitely on your site.

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