Inbound Marketing and Finding Millennials Online

Inbound Marketing and Finding Millennials Online

The slog of finding new customers online does not require stress on your part, especially if you are looking for Millennials. This new group of powerful consumers is abundant; however, you must understand what makes them take note of new business online.


More web-savvy Millennials make their way to your website than you know. However, your conversion rates are less than optimal because of your lack of authenticity. Think of your website as a company that is looking for a job with a customer. Put your best marketing forward showcasing company culture, detailing socially relevant initiatives and entertaining rather than selling.

Inbound Marketing

If you are trying to capture the young dollar online, hard selling is the absolute worst technique that you can use. The Millennial especially will run from this technique. The secret is to use inbound marketing tactics such as podcasting, blogging and product placement with socially relevant content creators.

Social Listening

Social listening combines social media use with communication techniques that are especially effective in attracting a younger audience. In short, have conversations with your audience through the comment threads of your social media pages. Consolidate these conversations into your own website forums if at all possible. Never hard-sell; always ask questions. Lead discussion with interesting tidbits of knowledge from your industry, showcasing your expert opinion without being overbearing.

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