Inbound Marketing: Become a Madman of Backlinks

Inbound Marketing: Become a Madman of Backlinks

Have you ever heard of madman at a casino? This is a guy who doubles down on 17 and pushes all his chips in. That’s a bonafide madman! Well, after the Penguin update, a bevy of SEO experts said that link building was dead. They said the strategy would only get your website blacklisted from Google. Well, there is a new school of thought out there and it is challenging the Penguin. Link building is back. Here is a lesson about how you can become a madman by building backlinks and improving your inbound marketing.

1) Jump on Internet Forums

An industry forum provides a lot of link juice, a juicy backlink indeed. It provides a very valuable backlink and one not hated by the Penguin. The book Link Building for # 1 Rankings opines:

There are a lot of industry specific forms. Depending on what industry you are in, you may already be active within some of these forums. When you set up your profile you have the opportunity to put your website link in your profile as well as in your “signature”. Even if you are not too active within the forums, make sure you take advantage of this free backlink!

2) Guest Posting

If you post on someone’s blog, you can get a link back to your own website. You might also get paid for it if you negotiate properly. Make sure to choose a renowned website, a throwback to the fact that popular websites have more potent backlinks.

3) Yahoo Questions

Don’t just jump on industry related forums. Use Yahoo answers, a board where people ask anything and everything. Answer questions that are aligned with your industry and point people back to your website for more information. Don’t have any trepidation about promoting yourself like a madman and pursuing backlinks in a savvy way that is simultaneously helping people.

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