The Fundamentals of Website Design, How to Attract and Convert Visitors

The Fundamentals of Website Design, How to Attract and Convert Visitors

The rapidly evolving nature of website design, technology and optimization make it more important than ever to have a superior website design. The website has to attract and engage your potential customer efficiently.

Your website is the first “face” your clients see when searching for your products, make that initial meeting shine. This digital representation of your company needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. All SEO marketing efforts will fall flat if your website is a boring dud incapable of engaging and directing traffic.

Website tips 101.

With that in mind, here are several tips to create the perfect website reflecting your products, knowledge, acumen and design ability.

  • Page speed is a make or break deal. The average website searcher is one who knows (mostly) what they want, but rely on a vendor (you) to flesh out their level of knowledge. Slow page speeds and flip times are beyond irritating, they will cause a visitor to leave your website and never come back. This is called bounce, and it is a bad thing for you and your company. For most browsers slow page speed is an interruption to their already hectic day, make sure your website has a crisp and immediate reaction to page-turning.
  • Use different methods to attract visitors to engage in action. Your “call- to- action” buttons or spaces need to be both attractive and not overly “informational”. Too much info about prices and the number of days left for this bargain crammed onto your call-to-action button will turn a user off instantly. Instead, keep the volume of information down, and entice the visitor to click with offers of more in-depth info or further information on package deals. But not both, create two buttons if you must. Don’t hesitate to use “color psychology” on your website, and especially on your action messages. Studies indicate that certain colors encourage people to click on buttons. When tested in real life, an 11% increase in clicking on action messages occurred when color psychology was used. (Maxymiser, 2012).
  • Keep it clean. Junky and overcrowded website designs with odd fonts and odder images are a big mistake. Even when you’re selling medical marijuana. You can be as quirky as you want in your tastes away from work, keep those oddities away from your business website. Maximize white space and coordinating color blocks, keep your fonts down to two, one is better. You are attempting to appeal to the broad net your SEO is casting, not to a drastically limited group of people.
  • Most importantly? Get the help you need. The increasing complexity of web marketing and design make it essential to get some help in designing your website. Competition mandates that your company have a website that ranks high in both SEO and user-friendliness. This is not a DIY task When you are ready to learn more about how your website can rocket your digital sales to the top, please contact us.