Embrace Minimalism for the Best User Experience

Embrace Minimalism for the Best User Experience

Do you know what your website will look like in five years?

If your answer is no or if you have no plans to change anything about your website in that time, you might want to reconsider. Things are changing rapidly in the world of UX, and if you want to stay relevant in your marketing, you will need to keep up.

Many web designers feel that the Internet needs a major remodeling, and they are already working hard to envision and promote, largely through their own work, what the future will look like.

One clear trend that has emerged is Minimalism.

The Preference for Minimalism


If in recent times you’ve noticed that the best looking websites have become more sparse, that’s not by accident. Minimalism has become the UX preference. In a June 2015 Next Web article, Jerry Cao made this observation:

…minimalism in Web design is the purest form of sculpture through subtraction – perfection is achieved not when there’s nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing more you can take away. Although current minimalism is centered around negative space and black lettering – the core of minimalism – the style defines itself by achieving the minimum of essentials through any means.

This preference, however, is not just that of designers. The public has this preference too. The attention spans of Internet users have grown shorter — thus the growing demand for things like micro-content. There’s also the issue of visual fatigue that can set in from years of high Internet use. A clean, sparse webpage that can be understood visually in an instant soothes our cluttered brains.

Bottom-line: Minimalism is the way to go. The best site designs now, and the best designs of the future, will embrace a simple principle: less is more.

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