Don’t Be Labeled as ‘Not Secure’: Why You Need SSL

Don’t Be Labeled as ‘Not Secure’: Why You Need SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates an encrypted connection between your visitor’s browser and the server, and this digital “handshake” is both more complicated and far better than a password. 

While it’s especially important that any site that offers online shopping have SSL, it’s also important for sites that request or contain any sensitive information. This includes birthdays and addresses to other pieces of data that might be shared in a simple form or inquiry to your company. 

Google, as it has for more than a decade, sets the standard and makes the rules for online best practices. Google’s Chrome browser, which is used by more than half of the web-browsing public, displays a”not secure” warning to users visiting sites without SSLs.  That’s bad enough, but worse, non-secured sites are also far more susceptible to malware attacks.

Other SSL Considerations 

  • For Your Business –This affects the security of information both on your website and connected to it, including transactions, databases, and more.
  • For Your Marketing — Nearly 5 years ago, Google started giving a slight boost to search results for sites with SSL. As each month (and millions of searches) has gone by, those searches only continue to favor SSL sites.
  • For Your Users — Your site visitors expect their information (such as that provided on web forms and in email inquiries) to be protected.
  • For Your Reputation  — Having the url (address bar) display “Not Secure” before your internet address is like having a flashing neon sign that says, “Amateur!” You don’t want to advertise to your customers or prospects – and certainly not to the competition – that you haven’t bothered to address the basic security of your site. 

There are different types of SSLs, however, in almost all cases we can quickly install the appropriate SSL on your site, with virtually no down time, and help make sure your online presence is professional and secure. If your site isn’t secure, or you’re not sure it’s up to standards in other ways, contact us today.