Avoid being a “Flash” in the Pan | Online Marketing Consulting

Often, we have clients who just love the look and the feel of a website programmed completely in Flash. Though there is nothing wrong with a beautiful website, the question to ask before deciding on which technology to use is, “What do you want

your website to do for you?”

As online marketing consultants, this post is a short review of the real life advice we give our clients when making decisions about website programming.


You can have your website programmed completely in Flash. These websites are usually very sleek, beautiful… and expensive. However, they are relatively worthless if you are looking to have your site search engine optimized and hope to gain potential clients by attracting traffic to your website. If your company is a household name in your particular market, then there is no harm done. Clients will find you anyway.

In a nutshell, think of a Flash website as a movie that is inserted into one (1) HTML page. That 1 page is all the search engines will ever see. All other content is invisible to searchbots. If you need your website to generate leads for your business development, then a Flash website is not the best decision for you.

Aidlin Darling Design is completely programmed in Flash: http://www.aidlindarlingdesign.com/


AJAX and Java scripts are also cutting edge technologies, all of the bleeds and fades resembling Flash interaction are all possible without sacrificing your search engine optimized content. Imagination and programming savvy using these technologies are equally inspirational and commercial.