Amazing Blogging Ideas that will Attract Local Customers

Amazing Blogging Ideas that will Attract Local Customers

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is boosting your search engine optimization. If you have read this once, you have likely read it a hundred times: Google loves fresh and unique content. Very often, the difference between a business website receiving 500 visitors a day and 5000 a day is a blog. Each article creates a new web page and a new opportunity for a potential customer to find you. However, a blog is also important for local search.

It is a wonderful feeling when your business blog starts generating organic traffic from search and social media. That means that you are creating content visitors are finding valuable. Regardless, that traffic has little value to you if you are a local business, but you are attracting web traffic from across the nation. If your ideal customer lives within 25 miles, it is crucial that your organic search and social media traffic match this criterion. Don’t you agree?

With this in mind, today’s article is sharing amazing blogging ideas that will attract more local customers. While you likely need to have general posts about your industry or niche, the more you post blogs with a uniquely local perspective, the better your blog will work for you.

Blogging Ideas to Attract Local Customers

1. Local Newsjacking – Every city, county, and region has news. The goal of newsjacking is to capitalize on current trends by using your blog as a resource for information. Artfully rewrite news articles, adding your own opinions and perspective. What are your thoughts on the local school district spending millions on a new football stadium?

2. Local Event Guides – Whether your ideal customers are thirty-something parents or trendy singles, there are local events that are important to them. Post a monthly or weekly local event guide. Recommend the best places to go and things to do this weekend. Local events provide an endless source of blog content.

3. List Posts – One of the most popular blog formats is list posts. Moreover, visitors love to share what they have found. Recommend the 10 best Mexican restaurants, 5 best walking trails, or 10 must-see local historical sites. The best part is these types of blog entries tend to be very easy to write. That said, their built-in popularity can really boost your organic reach.

4. Charities and Causes – What issues are important to you or your ideal customer? Does your business support to local food cupboard or an organization that builds homes for the less fortunate?  Your blog allows you to show customers that you are socially conscious. Your blog can also be an instrument to help your favorite charity with fundraising or an awareness campaign.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about blogging ideas that will attract more local customers, or a related topic, please contact us.