4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Website

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Website

A big part of your web design strategy should be choosing the right font. Your website’s font will have a major impact on how your website looks overall. Sometimes you will be limited to a certain font by the theme you have installed, in which case you might want to look for another theme that allows for more customization. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect website font.

Big and Clear Is Best

The best types of fonts have large letters that are clear and easy to read. If your font is too small or too fancy, it will make reading difficult and will decrease engagement on your site. It’s also important that there is plenty of white space between the text.

Test Compatibility

Different fonts will appear differently on different browsers and devices. You want to make sure that your font appears normally across various platforms. This will take a little testing on your part.

Consider Your Message

The font type that you use will depend on your blog’s theme and overall message. For example, for some mommy blogs, a cute italic-like font may be appropriate. Make sure that your font fits with the message you want to convey.

Make Sure User Experience Is Not Affected

Certain fonts can affect user experience in a negative way. For example, certain fonts may have heavy scripts and take a long time to load. You want a light font that doesn’t interfere with the loading of your website.

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