Website Development Basics: 4 Things To Ask Your Developer

Website Development Basics: 4 Things To Ask Your Developer

Trying to build your company’s website on your own without web design expertise leaves you most likely working with pre-built templates and automatic installers. This can leave your company with an elementary site that is lacking in the wow factor that will really draw customers in. Working with a professional web designer allows you to create a one-of-a-kind, custom website design that truly represents your business image and your prospects for future growth. Before you hire a web designer, though, you need to do your research. Here are four things you should ask every prospective web designer before you sign a development contract.

Are Your Designs Mobile-Responsive And SEO-Friendly?

With almost three-quarters of all young adults relying on smartphones and mobile devices for searching, shopping, and browsing, businesses need to cater to the mobile market. You lose out on a large percentage of market share when your site is not adaptive for mobile device access. Make sure that your web designer uses a team that prioritizes mobile users as well as those on traditional computers.

Search engine optimization is essential. With search engine algorithms changing rapidly, you need a web designer that stays on top of this dynamic sector of the industry. Without search engine optimization, your website will not rank as well with the search engines, which makes it harder for potential customers to find you. In addition, you risk the potential of your site being blacklisted and not showing up in any search results at all.

What Are The Revision Allowances In The Contract?

Website design is as much a creative process as it is a technical one, and creativity is subjective. That means that any web designer you work with is going to have to try to bring your vision to reality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always hit the mark the first time. That means that you’ll need to have some revisions written into the contract. The revision allowance gives you the opportunity to have the design fine-tuned until it meets what you have been looking for.

Who Owns The Site When It Is Finished?

Websites are subject to licensing and intellectual property rights. Any time you commission any kind of licensed works, it is essential that you understand who owns the rights to the product once it is complete. If your developer retains the rights to the design, you won’t be able to modify it or re-use it without specific authorization, and perhaps an additional fee. Your development contract should clearly define who retains the intellectual property rights and licensing for the website design once it is completed.  

How Will Website Updates Be Completed?

Website content is dynamic. Search engine algorithms look for sites that are consistently posting fresh content. That means you need to update your site regularly, whether in the form of blog posts or new pages. Ask your web developer if the site design will allow you to easily make those changes, or if you will have to work with them to do so. Understanding the requirements will allow you to ensure that your website updates are within your budget, if necessary.