3 Simple Foundations for User Friendly Website Design

3 Simple Foundations for User Friendly Website Design

Having a great looking website means nothing if that website isn’t easy for your customers to use. In the past decade we have seen a major shift in web design trends from grandeur to simplicity, favoring a simple but straightforward experience for users, rather than trying to impress with artistic skills. That isn’t to say that there is no room for creativity in web design, just that the experience of the user is the paramount concern when designing a website. This is especially true for commercial use. There are a number of tips that you can take into consideration when having your business website designed to ensure that you offer a streamlined experience to your customers.

The 3-Click Rule

The “3-click rule” is a web design philosophy that has been around since the beginning of web design. The rule states that every page on your website should be no more than 3 clicks away from your homepage. This ensures that all important content is easily found, and that you do not ask the user to become familiar with your interface before they can begin learning about your company and products. A strong website design starts with simple navigation.

Include White Space

In the early days of web design there was a strong focus on “screen real estate.” Most designer subscribed to the principle that every pixel was valuable, and you should be trying to get as much information on the screen as possible. As time has gone on, trends have shifted more toward spacing out the different portions of your website to make them more easily readable. According to Crazy Egg, leaving white space around text and titles can help to increase user attention by more than 20%.

Cater to Mobile

According to ComScore, the number of mobile internet users caught up with the number of desktop internet users in 2014. This means that a large portion of your visitors will be reaching your website through a mobile device, making it increasingly important that you are able to deliver a solid experience to them.

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