3 Signs That Your Site Needs a New Website Design

3 Signs That Your Site Needs a New Website Design

Although you might have paid for website design services when you first created your website, there is a chance that your current website design just isn’t cutting it anymore. These are a few signs that it’s time to switch to something different.

1. You Get Constant Complaints

You are probably always going to get emails here and there from people who aren’t sure how to use your website; that’s normal. If you find that you are getting constant complaints and questions about the normal operation of your site, however, it could be because your current website design is too confusing for your target user.

2. Your Site is Slow

Run regular tests on your website to find out about loading speeds. If you find that your site isn’t loading as quickly as it should be and you know that your server is not the problem, then it could be time to switch to a newer and simpler design that will load more quickly.

3. Your Site Has Strict Requirements

Remember that people use all different types of devices and browsers to get online. If your site has strict requirements for use, such as if it only works on certain types of devices, certain browsers or with certain screen resolutions, then it’s time to make a change. Otherwise, you could be restricting too many people from using your site.

As you can see, there are some cases in which it’s better to just switch up your website design for something new. If you are unsure about your site or need some guidance, contact us for professional assistance.