3 Common Mobile Web Design Mistakes

3 Common Mobile Web Design Mistakes

It is common knowledge by now that it is important to have a mobile responsive website design. Despite this, many businesses make critical mistakes when it comes to designing their mobile websites. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Long Forms

Long forms are always a pain to fill out, but they are certainly much worse on mobile devices. It takes time to fill out each field, and sometimes forms get buggy and cause problems. Reduce your fields for more conversions, at least on the mobile version of your site.

Hiding Content

Some people include less content and information on mobile versions of their site. They do this because they want their page to load quicker, or because they think people on mobile devices are in a hurry. However, you should be careful about what you hide; you do not want to hide crucial information.

Other people use a “show more” button or a slideshow type list where each item on the list loads on a separate page. The thinking behind this is that including too much content on one page can cause it to load slowly. However, you have to take into consideration that some people will have a more difficult time clicking through the entire list.

Ignoring User Experience

Mobile responsive web design is about more than just faster load times. You have to make sure that your site actually works on mobile devices. For example, is the navigation menu hard to use on mobile devices? Are crucial call to actions hidden unless you scroll way down?

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